Yoga Styles Explained.. Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Power & Restorative!

When I first started doing yoga I had a hard time picking a class to attend because I had no idea what all the names meant. I had no idea what Vinyasa was or how it differed from Hatha or Iyengar or Forrest Yoga or Power or any of the other dozens of styles I encountered when I googled "yoga".
I had to try a little bit of everything to really find the styles that work best for me (Yin & Vinyasa).
If you've ever wanted to branch out in your practice, let me introduce you to my ✨NEW ✨"Styles of Yoga" June Yoga Calendar!
"Styles of Yoga" is all about exposing you to different styles of yoga! (What I consider to be the top 5, although this is personal opinion)
  • Vinyasa is a dynamic form of yoga that links movement with breath. It will give you a cardiovascular workout and helps with flexibility.
  • Power yoga is a strong style that will help you build strength and endurance.
  • Yin yoga (my personal favorite) is wonderful for your joints and increases mobility.
  • Hatha is the original yoga style, fantastic to build a strong foundation in your practice.
  • Restorative yoga is great for stress relief and relaxation.
This program is for any yogi who wants to broaden and expand their practice!
Every day features a new yoga class from the Yoga with Kassandra YouTube library which you can stream or download. Discover videos you've never done before and take the guess work out of choosing a class!
By joining the Styles of Yoga challenge, you will get:
  • A downloadable yoga calendar that links to my YouTube videos
  • 30 yoga classes available to download (yours to keep forever)
  • A private YouTube playlist
  • Mix of Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Power & Restorative yoga classes
  • Classes from 15-60 minutes long
  • Suitable for all levels (beginner welcome)
  • Community support from other yogis and yours truly! (access to our Facebook group)
Best of all, this is on a pay what you can basis! I love to make as many of my offerings free or donation based, I want yoga to be accessible to all.
Hope you'll decide to join us :) See you on the mat!
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