Stretching Routine for Injured Knees - Quads, Hamstrings & Hip Flexors {30 min}


Hey yogis, as many of you know on March 31st I had a trip and fall accident which resulted in a partial ACL tear, a bone bruise on my right knee cap and a bone bruise on my thumb/wrist. It's been a long journey to recovery but I'm getting better every day and in a few weeks I should be back to my regular practice! (This video was filmed about 2 weeks ago) A huge part of my rehabilitation journey has been to diligently stretch and strengthen my knee every single day, no exceptions! I'm also in athletic therapy once or twice a week and see my doctor quite frequently. PLEASE NOTE that it is EXTREMELY important that you consult with your health care team before copying what I'm doing! Knee injuries are VERY different from person to person so what I'm doing may not work for you. That being said, here's my 30 minute stretching routine for injured knees. It mainly focuses on stretching out the quads, hamstrings and hip flexors which can become incredibly stiff and tight when our knees get injured. Since I have a bone bruise I can't do any poses on hands and knees but if you're able to do it at home, I would recommend doing a low lunge with a quad stretch to really get into the knee! I have to use blocks and get a bit creative but the effect is pretty much the same. To follow along with this routine you'll need two blocks and I'm also using yoga jellies. You can get jellies from Amazon here: Stretching is only half the journey when it comes to rehabilitation from a partial ACL tear. The other part is strengthening, which I also do every single day! I'll have that video up for you in a few weeks so stay tuned.


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