Answering Your Questions About Yoga Teacher Training

No doubt about it, taking my first Yoga Teacher Training was life changing!
Whether you’re considering Yoga Teacher Training to deepen your personal yoga practice OR to pursue teaching yoga as a career, I wanted to make sure you knew about my friend Brett Larkin’s Online Teacher Training program, which I’m also featured and a part of!​ (I teach the Yin Yoga module)

Many of you have e-mailed me expressing interest in this this training but also expressed some doubts:
How to know if you’re ready for Yoga Teacher Training?
Should you pursue it to deepen your own personal practice? Or only do it if you plan to teach?
Is it better to train locally, online or in a 30-day intensive?
How much to yoga teachers get paid? Can you really make an income teaching yoga?
I had all of these doubts and more when I first signed up for my first YTT 6 years ago. I had no idea if I wanted to be a yoga teacher or if I'd be "good enough" or "smart enough" to keep up with the other students. I had so many fears and doubts about it that I almost didn't sign up!
All I can say is I am SO glad I took the plunge and ventured into the unknown. Was it challenging? Sure! But was it worth it? Definitely.
Whether you want to teach or not, Yoga Teacher Training is an intense journey that has the power to transform you and your yoga practice. Of course, every student's experience will be different but I'm a big fan of encouraging people to move TOWARDS their fears rather than away from them.
​Brett did a livestream recently where she answered many questions about her online YTT. This would be a great video to watch if you have doubts!
Watch on Youtube here =>
I also wanted to let you know that the 7-month payment plan for my August round of YTT closes in 3 days (May 20). I know payment plans are what make yoga teacher trainings affordable to many of you. (I know they did for me!)
Take advantage of this interest-free option by enrolling before May 20th, if you've decided that this online YTT is the right fit for you. (There are also payments plans for those of you who ARE teachers taking the online program for Continuing Education at a reduced rate).
Remember, you can get all the details on the 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training I filmed with Brett here =>​
Here's to more yoga in the world and facing our fears :)

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