An invitation for women… *time sensitive*

by | May 14, 2018 | lunar yoga, new moon, sensuality, sexuality

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Your yoga practice has the power to transform your relationship with yourself and others. Every time you step on your mat, you have the opportunity to release old traumas and welcome in new ways of being and of relating to the world.
Tomorrow’s New Moon marks the beginning of a new theme in Lunar Yoga (Sensuality & Sexuality) and a new book for our book club (Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach).
This theme asks:
  • How do you want to elevate and cultivate your sexual power?
  • How do you want to tap into this creative life force?
  • What needs to be released, healed, nurtured and cared for for you to truly embrace your sacred sexuality?
If you’d like to spend the next 4 weeks diving deep into themes of pleasure, mindfulness, sensuality and creativity, I invite you to join us over in our private community for women.
This is a program for true transformation and deep exploration, following the four main moon phases and syncing it with our yoga practice.
The New Moon bundle which includes a yin yoga practice, meditation and journaling exercise will help you set your intentions around this powerful theme. It’s available for members now.
Along with the New Moon bundle and book club, members also get access to our Full Moon bundle (vinyasa, meditation + journaling), a guest speaker interview, a live group call and our private Facebook group where you can be held and supported by other amazing women from all around the world.
Not to mention the entire Lunar Yoga library. That’s every single yoga class, journaling exericse, meditation and interview since January 2017, yours to download and keep forever! ($400 value)
Every month focuses on a new area of life, a brand new theme so you can continually challenge yourself through spiritual growth and deep inner work. I don’t know about you, but I want 2018 to be spiritually charged, transformative and heart-centered.
Tomorrow is Day 1 of a brand new cycle, making it the perfect time to join our beautiful community.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Lunar Yoga and use promo code MOONCHILD for a very generous discount.
See you on the other side!


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