A Full Moon Practice for Sensuality & Sexuality

Tomorrow is the Full Moon and this month our Lunar Yoga community has been working with the themes of Sensuality & Sexuality.
The Full Moon is a time to celebrate your own personal journey and harness your energy wisely. Full Moons are known to stir up emotions, making this a great time to dive deeper into your own relationship and attitude towards your body, your sense of pleasure and your innate creative power.
In Lunar Yoga we honor this time by doing a Vinyasa Flow practice, journaling exercise and guided meditation on the theme of Sensuality & Sexuality.
Done with the right intention and guidance, your yoga practice has the power to transform your relationship with yourself and others. Every time you step on your mat, you have the opportunity to release old traumas and welcome in new ways of being and of relating to the world.
This theme asks:
  • How do you want to elevate and cultivate your sexual power?
  • How do you want to tap into this creative life force?
  • What needs to be released, healed, nurtured and cared for for you to truly embrace your sacred sexuality?
If you'd like to honor your own natural rhythms and connect your yoga practice with the moon cycles, I encourage you to join us.
As soon as you join, you'll get access to tomorrow's Full Moon bundle as well as everything in the Lunar Yoga library.
That's every single yoga class, guest speaker interview, meditation, journaling exercise and live group call since January 2017! Yours to download and keep forever. ($400 value!!)
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In two weeks (starting June 13th) we'll be switching gears and working with a brand new theme of Clear Communication.
If you've been curious about this program I hope you will answer the call and see for yourself why this is such a magical community!
I hope to see you on the other side :)

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