A New Cycle Begins - Adapting to change, being a leader & embracing new beginnings

Happy New Moon in Aries!
In Lunar Yoga, the New Moon means we begin a brand new theme (Leadership & New Beginnings) and a new book for our book club (Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes).
This theme is oddly fitting for me right now.. It's all about welcoming change rather than resisting it, embracing new chapters of our lives and stepping into the role of the leader.
Since my injury 2 weeks ago I've been forced to slow down and recognize the ways in which I push too hard and resist against what is inevitable.
Personally, my intention this month is to be a leader in the way I show how I take care of myself. Full stop and stillness, not powering through to show others how "strong" or "brave" I am but simply learning to be comfortably uncomfortable. (If that makes sense...?)
Together we'll be doing a special New Moon Yin Yoga practice, journaling exercise and guided meditation to set intentions that are from the heart and in-line with our soul purpose.
If you'd like to explore the ways in which you can step into the role of the leader or if you'd like community support while going through change and new beginnings just like I am, I invite you to join us.
Along with the New Moon bundle, book club and guest speaker interview, members also get access to our Full Moon bundle, a live group call and our private Facebook group.
Not to mention the entire Lunar Yoga library! That's every single yoga class, journaling exericse, meditation and interview since January 2017, yours to download and keep forever!
Every month focuses on a new area of life, a brand new theme so you can continually challenge yourself through spiritual growth and deep inner work. I don't know about you, but I want 2018 to be spiritually charged, transformative and heart-centered.
Today is Day 1 of a brand new cycle, making it the perfect time to join our beautiful community.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Lunar Yoga and use promo code MOONCHILD for a very generous discount.
If your heart is calling you to this uniquely transforming program, answer.
See you on the other side!

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