NEW Yin class on YouTube + Yin Yoga challenge starts TODAY

Hey yogis, hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!
There's a lot going on today... first things first, I just uploaded a new Yin Yoga class on YouTube for lower back pain.
Next up, today is Day 1 of the Mindful March Yin Yoga challenge!
Mindful March is a 31 day yoga challenge to support your mental, physical and emotional health with daily yoga classes from the Yoga with Kassandra YouTube library which you can stream OR download!
This challenge includes:
🌟A downloadable calendar that links to my YouTube videos
🌟31 yoga classes available to download (no Wi-Fi needed, yours to keep!)
🌟A mix of Yin, Restorative and Meditation classes
🌟Classes suitable for all levels, 20-90 min long
🌟Community support from other yogis and yours truly!
Side effects may include: increased flexibility, better sleep, healthier joints, less stress, positive lifestyle changes and a deep love & appreciation for this amazing body of yours!
You've been warned...
Today is also special because it happens to be a Full Moon!
By now you probably know that I'm a big moon lover and love nothing more than to craft some special lunar yoga practices to honor these monthly rhythms.
In Lunar Yoga we are currently working on the theme of Community & Giving Back and for our Full Moon practice, I shared an extra personal yoga class.. The very same yoga class I did more than 2 years ago that made me decide to start Lunar Yoga!
I'd love for you to do this Full Moon practice with us!
If you've been craving...
  • community and connection
  • full moon & new moon yoga classes
  • support in setting new intentions
  • yoga that goes BEYOND just the physical benefits of a practice
  • spiritually nourishing conversations
  • deeper connection to your femininity's time to join us.
Finally, I'm heading to Houston tomorrow for a short girls trip and am very much looking forward to it!
If you have any recommendations on yummy places to eat and fun things to do while I'm there, leave me a comment and let me know :)
See you on the mat!

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