Full Moon Musings for Connection & Community

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The time of the full moon is approaching! ?
This is a time to celebrate the journey of our lives and honor the people, opportunities and sacrifices that brought us to where we are today.
This is a time to be proud of ourselves and shine our light as brightly as the moon!
This is a time to honor the ones who came before us and the ones who will walk the path when we are gone.
Who are you grateful for? What are your greatest strengths? How will you celebrate this upcoming full moon?
I am grateful for YOU. The YOU that dares to be authentic and honest. Thank you for showing up and not giving up.
I would love for you to practice with us this Full Moon! I’ve designed an especially personal Full Moon yoga class, meditation and journaling exercise which is being added to the lunar yoga website as we speak ?
If all you’re looking for in yoga is to get toned and flexible then this isn’t for you.
If, however, you are looking for ritual, connection, sisterhood and practices that go deep into the heart, I can guarantee that you are in the right place.
You can click THIS LINK to join Lunar Yoga and be sure to use the code MOONCHILD for a seriously amazing discount..
Happy Full Moon time friends!


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