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Happy 2018!!!! It's a brand new year full of potential. And while I don't believe just because the calendar changes over that your slate is (nor needs to be) wiped clean and start over, but I can't say enough about how important it is to take time to reflect on the year that has been, and set some goals for the one ahead.


Happy 2018!!!! It’s a brand new year full of potential. And while I don’t believe just because the calendar changes over that your slate is (nor needs to be) wiped clean and start over, I can’t say enough about how important it is to take time to reflect on the year that has been and set some goals for the one ahead.

I’ve been using the same process to do this for the last 6 or so years and have written it down step by step for you below.

I highly suggest making time to do this before the end of this first week of the year.

Don’t be afraid to dream big!!! Last year I wrote that I wanted to hit a 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. A goal that seemed lofty and out of reach, but I wrote it down anyways. And what do you know, on the final day of the year, I hit it!!!

First of all gather up your Materials:
– 1 large sheet of paper or bristol board (or your journal will work if you prefer to keep it there)
– Colored pens, markers, or pencils
-Your evidence (this is all your calendars, diary, laptop, phone, anything you used to record your milestones from the last year. It can be hard to remember what happened in January come December.)

 1. Set the Mood – Light some candles, make yourself a tea (or other cozy beverage of your choice). Create a nice space to focus on yourself, setting your goals, and year end review.

2. Separate the page in two – I put a clear black line with a marker half way down to illustrate my page is divided into separate parts.

3. Label the sections – The top will be the year that has already passed. 2017 in this case. The bottom section is for the year to come (2018).

4. Separate each of these into 5 distinct sections – I like to use Danielle Laporte’s 5 Areas of Life to set my goals. You’re welcome to do something different if you’d prefer. Label each in a different color. If you are doing this in your journal each category can be on its own page – 5 pages for the last year, and 5 pages for the year ahead.

The categories are as follows:

Livelihood and Lifestyle – The material, physical world. Material things, travel + leisure, career ambitions, and home life all fall into this category.

Body and Wellness – Health, vitality, physical body, nutrition and exercise all land here.

Creativity and Learning – How you fuel your passion. This could have to do with education, developing a new skill, cultivating a hobby, reading more, making art etc…

Relationships and Society – Your relationship with yourself will be included in this category, as well as your relationships with others (romantic, friendship, work colleagues, family).

Essence and Spirituality – This is a deeply personal one. Ask your self how have you grown? What have you done to nourish yourself?

5. Review your year – Start populating the top part of the page with your year in retrospect. Take a deep dive into your research material. Either do one category at a time as you flip through your evidence, or do one month at a time with various resources.

6. Don’t include the things that went wrong – This is not the place for disappointment. This is a place to be positive and acknowledge all of the fantastic things that you’ve done in the previous year. Even if you feel you haven’t had the best year, once you start to look back you’ll realize that you have a lot to be happy about and be grateful for in the past year. That’s what this process is really all about, practicing and cultivating gratitude for the year that has been, and using that as motivation to set goals for the year ahead.

7. Set your goals for the new year – Once you’ve finished writing down everything you can think of that you’re really happy about, now it’s time to set some goals and put your dreams for the year ahead down on paper.

8. Don’t judge or limit yourself – A goal is personal. If you want it, you want it. There are 5 categories to make sure you are setting ourselves goals in a way that is holistic. So you can feel fulfilled, whether these specific goals come true or not. Don’t self edit, don’t hold back. You can always carry goals over. Some things won’t come true, but other opportunities present themselves. The reason doing this process is so important, is you’re opening yourself up to the possibility that it could happen (like me with 100,000 subscribers). The more I dream and visualize, the more I work, the more productive I am, the more I achieve.

So what do you want your life to look like a year from now?

9. Now choose one word – Or a couple of words that frame your intention for the year ahead. For example in 2016 I used the word collaboration, 2017 I chose focus and prioritize. This word will help you broaden your goals. Add that word somewhere on your page, wherever it makes sense for you.

10. Take some time to review – Over the next couple of days, read over what you wrote. As you think of more things, feel free to add them.

11. Get Creative (Optional): You may choose to decorate your page, or recreate it as a vision board.

Prefer to watch the quick video I did of the process last year? Check it out below.

Cheers to a beautiful and successful 2018,

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