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Every once in a while we could all use a reminder to love our bodies exactly the way they are. For some this may come a little bit easier than for others. But I'm asking you to try with me in these 7 yoga poses, try to find love for your body exactly the way it is. Even if that starts small.


Every once in a while we could all use a reminder to love our bodies exactly the way they are. For some this may come a little bit easier than for others. But I’m asking you to try with me in these 7 yoga poses, try to find love for your body exactly the way it is. Even if that starts small.

In the following poses I ask that you love yourself from the inside out, while focusing on the physical body. What we do on the yoga mat has the power to transform us. Not just our body, but the way we relate to ourselves and others.

This is an all levels yoga practice – If you feel you want to learn to accept yourself exactly as you are in this present moment, this is the right class for you. The full class can be found on my YouTube channel.

No props are necessary, and you won’t see me instructing them, but as always have handy whatever makes you feel comfortable.

1. Seated Meditation – Cross your legs or sit however is comfortable. I’m going to ask you to do something that can be super hard, but let your belly out. Let it go super loose (this can be more challenging for many than an advanced inversion) but none of this sucking in. Let it out and learn to love it, no one is around to see if you’re practicing at home. Place your hands directly on that belly and send it some love. Close your eyes, and connect to the breath as you inhale and exhale through the nose, If you notice you are talking down to yourself, return to the breath. If a mantra helps, use one you like that shows your love for self (i.e. “I am beautiful just the way I am.”) or focus on the area that you tend to get caught up on (i.e. “I love my belly.”)

2. Forward Fold – Stand at the top of the mat, feet hip width distance apart. Relax the belly again, relax it all (continue to do so throughout the whole practice). Inhale your arms up overhead, bringing the hands to touch. As you exhale to fold, let your hands run down the front of your body. Washing it over with love. Relax your neck and head as you get to the full extension of your forward fold. As you come back up, bend the knees and slide your hands up the back body, until they come back up overhead. Repeat this whole cycle 3 times.

3. High Lunge – Standing at the front of your mat, lift your left knee up and carefully step it to the back of your mat. Bend your right knee generously, and the left knee as needed to stand strong in high lunge. Bring your right hand to the belly, and the left hand over your heart. Feel the connection with the sacral and heart chakras. Can you find one thing in this moment that you absolutely love about your physical body. Lower your left hand down and lift the right arm, as you take an easy twist.

4. Goddess Pose – From high lunge, bring your hands down to the ground and walk them back as you turn to face the long side of the mat. With toes turning out and legs wide, bend your knees and drop the tailbone. Bring hands on top of your thighs. Try to push the knees open wider. As you inhale lift the arms up, as you straighten your legs. Exhale to sink back into goddess pose. Repeat this motion a few times through.

5. Warrior – Turning the right toes back to the front, keep the left toes turned out to the side and heel down. Bend into the right knee and extend your arms out, reminding yourself you’re a warrior. Turn the palms up and reverse the warrior. Many students tell me they hate this pose because of the little folds it creates in the side. Feel into those folds, give them love. Return to Warrior 2, and continue through bringing right arm to right thigh. Instead of bringing the left arm up and over though, bring your left arm across the belly to hold (and love on) your side body.

6. Hero Pose – Coming down to your hands and knees, untuck the toes and shift your hips back to rest on the heels. Bring the hands back behind you. Lift the chest up and shine the heart forward. Squeeze your shoulder blades in. Come back to your mantra or positive affirmations as you ask, “How can I show my body more love?”

Repeat back starting at 3 through 6 on the other side.

7. Laying down on the Belly – Come to lie flat on your stomach. Untuck the toes and zip the feet together. Continue to zip all the way up the body. Bringing your hands together on the ground in front of you. Lower the forehead to the mat. Make a full body offering, take a full body prayer. For you and for others, “May we all learn to love and accept ourselves. May we all learn to see strength in our bodies.”

If you want even more body love, join me for a full 30 minute vinyasa flow in the video below.

Cheers to loving your beautiful bodies just the way they are,

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