What’s next on your journey to extraordinary love?

Thanksgiving is over… and yes, the cuddle season has begun.

Make sure you take a little time for self-love and more pleasure in your life and buy yourself a gift that will keep giving (and giving).

My friends from Omooni - the Academy for Extraordinary Lovers - might have something for you.

Treat yourself or give a gift to someone you love.

How about saying a loud YES! to more love, pleasure and intimacy.

Omooni is making it easier than ever to transform your sexuality & relationships via classy online courses. Enlightening your intimacy, with holistic teachings streamed directly into your bedroom.


First of all, you deserve a fulfilling love life! And my friends will show you how to get there, in a safe and conscious way.

Secondly, sexuality is the last frontier of personal development and goes far beyond the bedroom. You’ll get access to teachings for beginners as well as for advanced explorers.

Thirdly, you won’t just get random and overwhelming advice. This is stuff that takes you deep. Omooni offers mindful and tangible insights and techniques that are easy to apply in daily life.

And now on Black Friday you can save up to 70%!

Winter is the perfect time of the year to cuddle up and try out something new. Why not start now!?

With warmth,

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