TEARS OF JOY! A big moment for me...

TEARS OF JOY! Today is a really big day.
For 7 months now my partner and I (ok mostly him..) have been working diligently to remake the Lunar Yoga website AND IT'S FINALLY READY! 🌙✨🌙✨🌙
We worked on it so long, I thought the day would never come.


Together, we do New & Full Moon yoga classes, meditations journaling exercises with new themes each month.
We also have guest speaker interviews and live group calls, book clubs and private Facebook groups. It's pretty bomb 💣
While you're a part of this community I'll ask you to be real, raw and vulnerable.
This is a journey of personal development that will ironically lead you back to who you've always been, before the world told you otherwise.
Shadow work is an integral part of this process. Facing those parts of ourselves that are yet to be healed and yet to be integrated.
Scary stuff. Powerful stuff. What magic is made of!
Made with all of my love. Made with intention, purpose and pure dedication.
If you're all about that moon child vibe, I'm opening up registration and giving a special launch discount for new lunar yoginis. ✨
The code NEWSTUDENT will give you 50% off your 1st month or 35% off a yearly membership.
This will expire in 3 weeks!
So go check it out!!! 👀 Make this girl happy by viewing the fruits of our labor and hopefully join our amazing community!
As always, thank you for being a part of this community and supporting my work. You guys are the best!

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