How To Do Grasshopper Pose - Arm Balance Tutorial


Hey yogis! I'm currently in Costa Rica on vacation and haven't had a chance to film a full length yoga class this week, however I still wanted to share a little pose tutorial.

I was recently asked to breakdown Grasshopper pose, which is a fairly tricky arm balance. Like most arm balances, it requires strong shoulders and an engaged core. If you can do a few chaturanga pushups and can do crow pose, you should be able to attempt this one!

There are a few ways to get into it but I find the easiest one to be from standing pigeon pose. From standing pigeon, you need to rotate your torso in order to ground the palms on the floor, shoulder-width distance apart. Then, it's all about leaning the weight into your arms with bent elbows as if you were doing Chaturanga and lifting the legs.

I personally found this one really tricky when I was first learning it so don't get discouraged if it doesn't work right away. Engage your legs as much as possible to prevent the bent knee from slipping down your arm. Tone the navel, gaze forward and hug to the midline to stay strong and balanced in the pose.

Have fun being grasshoppers!

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