🌿 Earth Element Flow🌿 Inner Strength, Grounding & Endurance {46 min}


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Hey yogis, this special Earth Element flow was filmed in Costa Rica where I am staying for a few weeks! I hope you're ready for a strong and challenging practice that will focus on the earth element and the muladhara/root chakra.

This class is about inner strength, grounding and endurance. The Earth Element is all about stability, perseverance and our feelings around safety and security, like the root chakra. We'll begin with a short root chakra visualization and we will then move into some grounding seated and standing poses. These poses will be held for a bit longer than you may be used to. Get ready to fire up your legs!

This class is about getting nourishment from the earth and connecting to the ground beneath you. We will place a big emphasis on our feet and foundation. I'm not using any props for this practice but you may want to have on close by.

FIRE ELEMENT FLOW - https://youtu.be/NtM4MPuMGlg

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