The #1 that saved my relationship….

by | Oct 18, 2017 | lunar yoga, relationships

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Relationships are hard.
They’re also beautiful, challenging, messy, uplifting, transformative, confusing and awe-inspiring all at once!
I’ve been in a wonderful relationship for over 6 years now but I can almost guarantee that I wouldn’t be in it had I not read this book over 5 years ago. In fact, every time we are faced with an obstacle, I turn to this book, again and again. It has never failed me!
The book is The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz and I so badly wish it was a mandatory read for all couples!
I’m not exaggerating when I say that this book changed my life and the way I interact with every single person I come across. I’ve re-read it at least 5 times and on Thursday, I’ll begin re-reading it all over again! Want to read it with me?
This Thursday is the New Moon, which means our Lunar Yoga community is beginning a brand new theme of Love & Relationships and we’ll be reading The Mastery of Love together as part of our monthly book club.
This new theme is about the relationships we cultivate with our loved ones, spouses, family members and friends alike. What is your attitude towards love? What relationships need more care and attention? Which relationships are draining you of joy and optimism?
These questions can only be answered once we’ve committed to loving ourselves first and foremost. Do you believe you are worthy of love?
This is what we’ll be doing together and weaving into our yoga and meditation practices starting Thursday. Registration for Lunar Yoga has been closed for many months now, but I’ve opened it up for 24 hours before this Thursday’s New Moon because I think the theme of Love & Relationships is one that has the power to help many people in a very tangible way.
The New Moon is a powerful time to set intentions, dream big and commit to change. How do you want to improve your relationships?
Lunar Yoga will take you on a 4 week journey to the heart through meaningful yoga classes, journaling exercises and meditations for the New & Full Moon. We’ll also have a very special guest speaker interview, a live group call and discussions around the new book. To me, the true magic of this program is in our private Facebook group where you can connect and be supported by women from all over the world. We have truly created a beautiful community..
All of the content is pre-recorded and can be downloaded so it is yours to keep forever. (You will even have access to all of the classes since January 2017!). These are not live classes so you can do them according to your own schedule.
If you’re looking for a yoga practice that goes beyond just physical poses, this is it. This is community, connection and personal growth.
Dive deep and play an active role in your relationship as the powerful creator that you are. CLICK HERE to learn more about Lunar Yoga, registration is open for 24 hours only.
What other members have said….
“Lunar Yoga has helped me to connect deeply with nature and appreciate the natural flow of life as as myself as a woman.” – Anna-Maria
Kassandra has been my favorite go-to yoga instructor on YouTube for a long time. I especially love her focus on Yin Yoga, a style of practice not available at my studio. When she offered a monthly Lunar Yoga practice that included both yin and more active sequences as well as journaling, meditation, and more, I jumped at it. She is endlessly creative and welcoming too. Highly recommended!” – Wendy
Joining the Lunar Yoga program with Kassandra and connecting to the compassionate, inspiring and powerful yogini community was the best New Year’s decision I could have possibly made! I’ve delved deeper into myself and come to truly know, understand, accept, and LOVE myself more than ever before. I plan to continue this program for as long as it continues, and can’t recommend it highly enough to other women who are desiring to truly venture within and connect without… to similar souls, to Luna, to whatever your version of Source Energy may be. Kassandra is a beautiful soul full of passion with so much to give, and I feel blessed to have her as a guiding, shining light in my life. With so much gratitude…” – Jordanya
Loving the Lunar yoga program, a great mix of meditation, journaling and both yin and yang yoga flows to follow.” – Lesley
I love starting a new theme each month and focusing all of my energy on it! I’ve felt such a great shift in the way I interact with others and my yoga practice has become more meaningful. I look forward to the New Moon and the Full Moon because I know Kassandra will have designed a deep and meaningful yoga package that will take my practice to a whole other level. The classes are accessible to all levels and work on physical and emotional levels. The guest speaker interviews are thought provoking and the live group calls are a great way to connect with the other members. This is unlike anything I’ve ever done before and I’m so grateful for this experience and this wonderful community!” – Kathleen
I hope you’ll decide to join us!


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