Emotional Healing, with a Yin Yoga Pose for Each Chakra

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Are you struggling through a conflict or trauma? Who isn't really? Whether in your work, social, or family life, or even within yourself, we have all got something we need to resolve. In addition to asanas, this practice will help you work through whatever is ailing you inside.   Described below is one asana for each chakra, working up from the root straight through the crown chakra. In each chakra related asana you will also be given a question to help you work through your healing process.

Are you struggling through a conflict or trauma? Who isn’t really? Whether in your work, social, or family life, or even within yourself, we have all got something we need to resolve. In addition to asanas, this practice will help you work through whatever is ailing you inside.

Described below is one asana for each chakra, working up from the root straight through the crown chakra. In each chakra related asana you will also be given a question to help you work through your healing process.

I highly recommend you keep a journal nearby, as you may want to write things down as they come to you throughout the practice or immediately afterwards.

I also suggest you to have a number or props handy. Definitely two blocks, but you may also want blankets, bolsters, or cushions to make yourself comfortable holding each of these poses long enough to process the question.

If you are unfamiliar with the chakras, or have doubts about what you have heard previously about the chakras, I ask you to come to the practice with an open mind. Use the chakras as a metaphor, as you gain insight and clarity about the problem you are facing.

These poses come from a full hour long practice I uploaded to my YouTube channel this week, Chakra Yin Yoga for Emotional Healing.

Start with a seated meditation, to determine what you want to heal, what needs more love or attention.

1. Half Butterfly for the Root Chakra – The root chakra is found at the base of your tailbone, it tells us we are safe, protected, and that it is okay to let your guard down. From a seated position, extend the right leg out to the side, bring the left foot to the inside of the right thigh. Opening the legs as wide as you can. Walk the hands forward, tilting from pelvis to come straight down into a forward fold. You may choose to do so over the extended leg, or to use a block to prop up the forehead. Whatever variation, settle into the shape. Reach to the point where you feel sensation but not so much that it is painful.
Question: How can you apply this notion of safety and protection to that which needs healing?
Move to the other side, feeling free to make any notes that have come up before transitioning.

2. Swan Pose for the Sacral Chakra – The sacral chakra is located between the naval and the pubic bone. It is the seat of our creative power, sexual healing and potential, and our ability to make something out of nothing. It is the nurturing chakra, where imagination resides. From hands and knees, bring the right knee behind your right wrist, and extend the left leg back behind you. Keep the weight evenly distributed from one side to another. You may want to prop yourself up with a block underneath the hips. Walk your hands forward to bring the upper body towards the mat. You may also choose to use a block under the forehead or chest, or use your hands. Melt into the pose.
Question: How can you use creativity and imagination to work through this problem?
Transition slowly to the other side, doing whatever stretches your body is asking for in between.

3. Square Pose with Twist for the Solar Plexus – Located in the abdomen, above the naval and below the heart. It is the seat of confidence, of self esteem. Twists are a great way to target this area. From a seated position, stack one shin on top of the other, with both feet flexed. Right ankle stacked over the left knee, right knee over the left ankle. Your legs may be separated from one another, or closer together. If this is too much for your low back or hips, you may take a regular seated position with the right leg slightly in front of the left. Sit tall and rotate your chest towards the left side (or the right ankle). Walk your hands forward to fold over the knee/ankle. You may want to use a block to support the forehead as you rest down.
Question: How would confidence change what needs healing?
Change the cross of the legs, and twist to the other side.

4. Sphinx Pose for the Heart Chakra – This chakra allows you to love yourself and others, and to break barriers between yourself and others. It’s a place for compassion. Laying on your belly, extend the legs behind you. With forearms on the mat shoulder width apart, press down into the tops of the feet to lift through the chest. Pull the arm bones back, shoulders down and away from the ears. Lengthen out through the chest. In this posture, breathe into the heart space.
Question: How could love and compassion facilitate your emotional healing?

5.Waterfall Pose for the Throat Chakra – The throat chakra is your ability to speak for yourself. But it also makes you a better listener, and provides you with use of non-verbal communication. Roll on to your back, with a block within reach. Lift the hips and place the block underneath. Either at the middle height, or if this is too much bring to the lowest. Set the block up where it is comfortable, roll your shoulders underneath. Your hips are higher than heart, the heart is higher than the throat. This small inversion is sending lots of blood to the throat already, but if you want to take it further extend the legs up. Keeping the knees as bent as needed. Relax your arms at the side, and close your eyes.
Question: How would healthy communication help you heal?

6. Easy Child’s Pose for the Third Eye Chakra – This chakra is your ability to use intuition and imagination. A clear third eye will let you see conflict from a different perspective. It will allow you to see those who were once an opponent as a friend. To be open to insight and imagination. Keep your knees pretty close to one another and bring the big toes to touch. Sit the hips back on the heels, fold in with your arms by your side. Let your forehead rest down, bringing the third eye to touch the ground.
Question: How would looking from a different perspective help you?

7. Savasana for the Crown Chakra – This chakra is quite personal. It is your connection to your higher self, where you receive insight and divine influence. Come into your final resting pose. Laying on your back, extend out through the legs, draw your shoulders down and away from the ears. Brings your hands to your sides, palms turning upwards. Take up some space. Get out of your way and surrender to what is.
Question: Ask your higher self and be open to its answer. How can I heal from this pain? What is the way forward?

To close out the practice, return to a grounding meditation. Think through everything you have processed related to your healing. Grab your journal while all of this is fresh in the mind, in your heart, and in the cells of your being. Write it all down, without judging or stopping to lift your pen.

Want more prompts to process through this path of healing? Watch the video below.

With love and light,

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