How to do yoga EVERY DAMN DAY

As a yoga teacher I often feel like I should be doing "more" and "better". The truth is I've gotten so busy that I've neglected my home practice and I feel really guilty about it..

While I do have an active practice, it's often in front of a camera for a YouTube video or when I'm planning my next class.. None of this is wrong, but I really miss my daily "me" time on the mat.

So.. I'm doing something about it! On October 9th (my 27th birthday) I'll be going through my 14 day yin and yang yoga challenge in the hopes of getting my routine back on track! Would you like to join me?

If you want a community that will support you and keep you accountable for 2 whole weeks of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, this is it!

Doors close for registration on October 5th and we begin on the 9th. No more shame, no more putting it off and no more excuses! I'm doing it and I hope you will too 😊 



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