Yin Yoga with Yoga Wheel - Yoga Wheel Backbends & Hip Flexibility {40 min}


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Hey friends, it's Thursday and that means I have a new yoga class for you! This week I've decided to do an advanced Yin Yoga practice using a yoga wheel :)

Buy a Yoga wheel: http://amzn.to/2vqmQ9o
*note, the link above is an affiliate link!

This 40 minute Yin Yoga practice using a yoga wheel will help you get into some very deep backbends, working our way into Kapotasana pose. This practice is NOT suitable for beginners and definitely not suitable for anyone with a slipped or herniated disc!!!

The poses we'll be doing include:
- Supported Fish
- Modified Supported Bridge
- Supported Bridge
- Waterfall
- Puppy
- Splits
- Kapotasana/Full Camel Pose

This is a great class to do if you're trying to improve your backbends and increase overall flexibility. We will open up the shoulders, chest, hamstrings and hip flexors while also deepening the range of motion in the spine.

What do you think of the yoga wheel? Is it a prop you enjoy using? I've had mine for a while now and tend to only use it for deep backbends like the ones done in this class.

If you'd like to see more tutorials using the yoga wheel, let me know!!

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