What role does Play & Adventure have in your life?

 PLAY & ADVENTURE  When was the last time you...

Laughed so hard you cried?😹

Ran so fast you thought your legs would fall off?🏃‍♀️

Danced in your underwear?👙

Went on an outdoor adventure?

Had a sleepover?👭👭

Got dirty in the mud?💩

Played tag or hopscotch or jump rope?💃

What role does Play & Adventure have in your life? I've been pondering this a lot lately.. With every year that passes it seems harder and harder to get in touch with my child like sense of imagination, play and uninhibited joy.

More work and family responsibilities make it harder to let loose and let go. Being goal oriented means I do things because they have serve a purpose rather than because I enjoy it and think it's fun. Can you relate?

I want to break this pattern.. On Monday's 🌑New Moon🌑 our online Lunar Yoga community will be dedicating an entire month to reclaiming our child like sense of play and adventure! 👸What areas of your life need to be infused with joy and fun? What has become stagnant, boring and goal oriented? 😪 How are you denying your inner child that just wants to explore?

If this stirs a fire in your belly I invite you to join us along for the ride! We begin on Monday with a yin yoga practice, a guided meditation and a journaling exercise all around the theme of Play & Adventure to set our intention. We'll also have a new book club pick!

If you'd like to join us, head over to http://bit.ly/lunaryoga to sign up. Here's to a month of fun, laughter, joy, adventure, silliness and imagination!!


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