Crow Pose Tutorial - How To Do Crow Pose For Beginners


Hey friends, not too long ago I shared with you a tutorial on how to do Fallen Angel pose ( and received a lot of comments from people saying that they were still working on Crow Pose/Bakasana.

Crow Pose (or Bakasana in Sanskrit) is what I would call the foundational arm balance pose. Most other arm balances are built off of this first pose so it's an important one to master if you eventually want to start doing more inversions and arm balances.

When my teacher first showed me crow pose I thought she was crazy and didn't think it would be something I would ever be able to do on my own. It seemed impossible! It took a very very VERY long time for me to be able to do this pose so don't get discouraged if it doesn't work for you right away!

In this video I'll show you how I get into crow pose and I'll give you tips & tricks you can do with a block if you are afraid of falling. At the end of the day you will need to have strong arms and a strong core while also being able to use your hands and wrists properly to balance. Fear plays a big part in arm balances so be kind to yourself and take the pressure off.

Have fun!!

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