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Time to work that booty!

Until now I’ve been uploading strictly yoga classes on my YouTube channel, but with growth comes change, and with that I have created my first fitness class video!

This is an intense 17 minute (just 17 minutes, you can find that kind of time) booty circuit I try to do daily. You don’t need any props or equipment and once you get the pattern down it can easily be done while binge watching your favourite TV show. But I guarantee you will feel it, and with regular practice you will notice a difference in your derriere!

Get your glutes, hamstrings and lower body fired up with these poses!

Most of the 5 items below include multiple moves, within a similar position. Repeat each move 20 times. Easy peasy right?

Need more guidance, follow along with my FREE YouTube video here.

1. Make your way into a table top pose. Take a moment to ensure you are in proper alignment; your hands shoulder distance apart and directly below the shoulders, knees hips width apart and below the hips. Engage your core, now we are ready to move. Pull your right knee into the chest, and then extend it out. Don’t let your belly drop, the glutes and hamstrings should be working to keep the leg lifted. Bend in and extend 20 times. Next, keep the leg lifted and extended as you pulse it up (x20). Now bend into your right knee, flex the foot and pump it up (x20). Finally, extend the leg back behind you and tap the toes over to the left and then the right (x20). Switch to the left leg and work your way through each of these moves.

2. From all fours, lift your right knee out to the side (yes, it will look like a puppy on a fire hydrant). Your left elbow will want to bend, keep pushing into your hand to keep it straight. This is already quite intense, but if you want to step it up, extend the leg out to the side. Inhale the leg up, and exhale to tap the toe down (x20). Repeat this on the left side.

3. Lay down on your right side, cradling the head into your right hand and letting the left hand come to the floor. Bend your knees, lifting the left leg up. Keeping the leg lifted, tap your knees together, and then toes together (x20). Keep the knee in, and then extend the leg straight and up (x20). With the leg extended, tap your toes in front, and then behind (x20). Keep your left leg long and hover it a few inches above the other leg. Trace the leg in tiny circles (x20). Complete these poses on the opposite side.

4. Coming to lay flat on your back, bend your knees and place the soles of the feet on the mat. Align your feet and knees with your sit bones. Press your feet into the floor, curling the tailbone up, lifting the hips, low back, and mid back off the mat. Keep your knees from opening up wider. Pressing down through the heels, shift the weight into the right leg and pull your left knee into the chest. As you exhale let hips come down to hover just an inch above the mat (x20). By now you know, there is another side to repeat this on.

5. Don’t forget to stretch! While laying on your back with knees bent, cross the right ankle over the left thigh (setting up for thread the needle). Stay here with your other foot on the ground, or pull the left knee into the chest. Keep your right foot flexed, and your shoulders and head relaxed to the ground. Then take a supine twist by hugging your right knee into the chest and crossing it over the body. Extend the right arm out to the side, ensuring the shoulder stays grounded. Switch to stretch the other leg in both of these poses.

For the first time through this circuit you may find it easier to watch me guide you through it. If that’s the case, check out the “Best Booty Workout” video below.

Loving feeling the burn and want to intensify your time on the mat a bit more? Check out my collaboration with Sean Vigue in, Iron Yoga – Power Yoga with Weights.

If you liked seeing this new type of content, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and give the video a thumbs up!

Bye for now Bootylicious babes,

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Yoga with Kassandra – Disclaimer
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