NEW – Yin Yoga Remedies!

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Friends, I’m so excited to announce that my new Yin Yoga program, Yin Yoga Remedies, has finally launched AND it’s 30% off for 48 hours only!
Yin Yoga Remedies is is a collection of classes that address the most common complaints I get from students all the time!
This bundle includes 6 full length Yin Yoga classes to help you relax, reset and restore. It includes:
  • Yin for Neck & Shoulders (30 min)
  • Yin for Better Sleep (30 min)
  • Yin for Digestion (45 min)
  • Yin for Back Pain (45 min)
  • Yin for Hips (60 min)
  • Yin for Stress Relief (60 min)
This video series was done in collaboration with my friends at and I would love for you to take a look at it!
If you want to do some good for yourself and support my work at the same time, enjoy some Yin Yoga Remedies 🙂
Have a great day!

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