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You asked for it, so I’m back with another fitness class! This time it’s a 10-minute high intensity interval training routine.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your cardio or just a short good workout to fit in to your day to day and stay active, this routine is great.

I’ve outlined the 10 minute practice step by step below, but if you would find me talking you through it more helpful the first time around, please do check out the video HIIT Fat Burning Cardio Workout.

Absolutely no props are needed for this workout, making it a great on the go routine to get a daily workout in no matter where you are or how busy you are. I’ve used a mat just for added comfort and grip, but it’s not necessary.

We will do a toning exercise with 10 repetitions and then switch to 1 minute of cardio, and continue back and forth for maximum effect.

1. Warmup stretch – I can’t say enough about how important it is to stretch and warmup before you jump into a workout. Since this workout targets the legs, we will stretch them out before we get started. Stand tall, drop your shoulders down and pull your right knee into the chest. Trace little circles with your lifted ankle. Gently lower the right leg down and switch to the left.

2. Lunges (Toning) – Standing at the center of your mat (or middle of your available practice area), bring your hands to your chest. Lunge forward with the right leg, bending into the knees and dropping the hips. Step right foot back to center, and then take it behind you to lunge back. Stay strong through your core, stand tall. Keep with your breath, no need to rush through these. That’s one, do 10 full lunges on the right leg and then switch to the left side.

3. Jumping Jacks (1 Minute of Cardio) – opening the arms and legs wide, closing and repeat for 60 seconds.

4. Wide Squat (Toning) – Standing with your legs wide, bring your heels in and turn the toes out. Take the hands to the chest and squat into goddess pose to start. Now dip one knee at a time, as follows. Right knee turns in and touches down to the ground, as you turn towards the left. Come back up to the center squat (goddess pose). Left knee now turns in and touches down. Return to center. Repeat this 10 times, being sure to stay down low the whole time.

5. Run in place (1 Minute of Cardio) – Lift the knees as high as you can as you run in place. Keep the belly engaged and control your breathing. When you hit the halfway point, see if you can speed it up for the final 30 seconds.

6. Kicks (Toning) – Standing in place, lift the right knee up and in. Turn and look to the right side, and then kick the right leg up and out as high as you can. Pull it back in and then kick the same leg out and up behind you. Squeeze into your glutes and stand firm on the left leg. That’s one, repeat that process 10 times before switching to your other leg.

7. Mountain Climbers (1 Minute of Cardio) – Get down into a plank pose. From there bring your knees to the same elbow (or belly) one side at a time. Try to speed it up a little as you get comfortable.

8. Bridge Pose (Toning) – Lay down on your back with knees bent and soles of the feet on the ground at hip width. For this active variation I suggest bending the elbows and lifting the forearms at about a 90 degree angle for added leverage. As you inhale press through the heels, squeeze the glutes and lift the hips up. As you exhale, lower to hover just off the ground. Complete 10 of these, inhaling to lift, exhaling to lower. On the tenth repetition, hold the bridge lifted, being sure your knees aren’t splaying out to the sides.

9. Cool Down Stretch – while on your back after bridge, windshield your knees from side to side, hug the knees into the chest one at a time, and then hug them both in and rock side to side.

Are some of these moves new to you? Want me to take you through them verbally? Check out the free YouTube video below.

10 minutes not quite enough? Or want to target your derriere a bit more? I suggest following this workout up with the Best Booty Workout video.

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