Monthly Manifesting Rituals.. Join Us!

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I recently made a deeply personal youtube video where I took you through my 4 Steps to Manifesting… This video talks about my opinions on the Law of Attraction, what it means to me and how I use it in my life. I’ve received so many wonderful messages from students all around the world who’ve benefited from it in some way and it has truly touched my heart! Thank you!


If you wanted to watch the video for yourself, CLICK HERE.
Manifesting is something I am deeply passionate about.
I feel that manifesting is strongest when it is done as a collective! When women gather together, magic happens. When we support each other and share our dreams, we cannot help but magnetize our hearts desires!
If you’re craving community & connection…
If you’re craving monthly rituals…
If you need extra support in manifesting…
My Lunar Yoga community could be just what you’ve been waiting for!
This program is for women who want to make their yoga practice more meaningful through personal growth, deep inner work and community.
Each month we set our intentions to manifest on the New Moon.
We celebrate and practice gratitude on the Full Moon.
Our monthly live group calls and guest speaker interviews help keep you accountable and supported along your manifestation journey.
You might not be sure if this is right for you, and that’s okay! Many women have asked me to offer a free trial so they could get a feel of the program and I totally get it! You can now try it completely free for 7 days!
Adding a free trial was no problem because I’m so confident about the quality and value of this community. Plus, the feedback I’ve received from the members has totally melted my heart. Here’s what a few women had to say:
“Lunar Yoga has helped me to connect deeply with nature and appreciate the natural flow of life as myself, as a woman.” – Anna-Maria
Joining the Lunar Yoga program with Kassandra and connecting to the compassionate, inspiring and powerful yogini community was the best decision I could have possibly made! I’ve delved deeper into myself and come to truly know, understand, accept, and LOVE myself more than ever before. ” – Jordanya
This is my heart and soul’s greatest offering! I hope you’ll join us <3
See you on the mat!
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