Full Moon Yoga Class for Sensuality & Sexuality

by | May 18, 2017 | full moon, full moon yoga, lunar yoga

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The Full Moon is approaching.. ? Celebrate it by connecting to your divine sensuality & sexuality with a full moon yoga class, guided meditation and journaling exercise on this very topic! ✨

This is the time to fuel your desires and nurture intimacy.❤ This is the time to rejoice in your ability to feel and experience pleasure, joy and love! This is the time to honor the holiness of your body.?

Carve out sacred space for yourself on this Full Moon (May 10th) by indulging in this women’s only Vinyasa Flow yoga class, guided meditation and journaling exercise. Set aside at least 2 hours to move, breathe and feel the shifts within you.

Join us, will you? Try it for free… http://bit.ly/lunaryoga ???

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