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Spring has finally sprung, and with the sunshine and warmer days comes bringing our bicycles out of storage. Whether for transportation, exercise or leisurely weekend rides, getting back on the bike can cause stiffness in our lower body.
Keeping your quads, glutes and hamstrings loose can be as “easy as riding a bike” so to speak, if you practice these 6 stretches regularly during the cycling season.
These poses are pulled from my YOGA STRETCH FOR CYCLISTS video, an oldie but a goodie (especially at this time of year).
1. Reclined Hero – Coming on to your knees with your toes untucked, shift the hips back to rest on your heels. Keep your lower back nice and flat as you walk your palms back, and maybe lower onto your forearms. Aim to maintain contact with your knees and the mat. You should be feeling this in your quads, and not your lower back. If you feel a pinch in the low back rise slightly out of the deep pose.


2. Tiger – From a neutral table top position, reach right leg up behind you taking a bend in the knee as you reach the heel to the sky. Reach back with your left hand and grasp hold of the right foot, kicking the foot into the hand to help your leg rise further. Switch to the left leg/right hand.

3. Standing Pigeon – Standing at the back of your mat, cross the right ankle over top of the left knee. Bend into the standing leg as you sink hips low. Your hips work back, while your chest shines forward. Keep your right foot flexed and the left knee deeply bent, as you rest the fingertips on the ground in front of you (or onto a set of blocks). Repeat on the other side.

4. Low Lunge with a Twist – From a plank, step your right foot between the palms and drop the knee of the extended leg to the ground. Reach your arms up overhead with palms turned in. Sink deep into the pose, stretching the hip flexors. To take a quad stretch, bring the left hand to the mat, bending your left knee and catching the foot with the opposite hand. You may want to use a strap to assist you in hooking the left foot. Push your right shoulder back, opening the chest to the side to take a twist. Of course, you will want to even out this stretch by flipping sides.

5. Dancer’s Pose – Standing firm on the mat, kick the left foot up behind you bending the knee so it points down toward the mat. Grab hold of your foot with the left hand. Reach your right arm forward, as you raise the left leg behind you. Keep your hips square to the front, and stay upright through the torso as you avoid leaning too far forward. Don’t forget about the other side.

6. Pigeon – With your hand on the mat, work your right knee towards the right wrist as your left leg extends out behind you. As you fold down keep the weight centered as you bring your head to rest on the mat or on a pillow created by your forearms. Let gravity do the work for you as you invite your hips to release. Echo this pose with the left leg forward.

As mentioned above, these poses come from a video class. Take the short and sweet 22 minute class by clicking the YouTube link below.

If you enjoyed these poses please do subscribe to my YouTube channel YOGA WITH KASSANDRA, it means the world to me.

Happy cycling!

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