5 Best Yoga Poses for Athletes to Cooldown After a Workout


So you've just finished up a great workout, now what?

Cooling down is one of the most important parts of any exercise routine. It's important to slow down the heart rate back to its original state and give your muscles and joints a bit of TLC.

I just put out a NEW 20 MINUTE POST WORKOUT COOLDOWN YOGA CLASS on my youtube channel that takes you through an easy sequence to give you a head to toe stretch!

Here's a break down of my favorite poses to do after a tough workout:

1. Child's pose

Widen the knees, bring your big toes together and melt the heart forward. This is a fantastic way to open up the hips and get into the inner groin. By relaxing your forehead on the floor you can also start to calm your nervous system. 

2. Thread the Needle

I do this pose ever. single. day. No excpetions! This helps you open up the shoulders and upper back which can not only get tight during a workout, but is also prone to stiffness if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Begin on all fours and reach your left arm under you to lower the left ear and shoulder to the mat. Extend your right arm overhead and draw your right shoulder down and away from the ear. Breathe into your upper back and relax.

3. Low Lunge Quad Stretch

This is a pretty deep one! Begin in a low lunge by aligning your left knee over your ankle. Reach back with your right hand to catch a hold of your right toes. Focus on pulling your right heel into your glute INSTEAD of lifting your hips up to meet your foot, that's cheating! If you can't catch onto your ankle, use a strap.

4. Head to Knee pose

This hamstring opener will also lengthen your spine and help you relax. Extend your left leg forward and bend your right knee so the foot rests to the inside of your left thigh. Stay long through your spine as you reach for your left shin or left toes. A slight bend in the knee is perfectly fine here. Deep breaths.

5. Pigeon

A classic! One of the best hip openers there is. Align your left knee behind your left wrist and stretch your right leg back behind you. Square off your hips to the front of the mat to avoid rolling on one side more than the other. Use your hands on the floor for balance or fold forward to go even deeper. 

If you're a weightlifter, you might also enjoy this YOGA FOR WEIGHTLIFTERS full class. 

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