Can you mix Business and Yoga? (+ lunar yoga webinar replay)

Friends, I'm beyond excited to be sharing this interview with you! Ashley Turner is an LA based Yoga Teacher that I've looked up to for years and in this SOUL Purpose series interview, we talked about the link between yoga and psychology, the business of yoga and what it means to be a teacher in the digital age plus so much more. If you're a yoga teacher, THIS is the interview you need to listen to! 
Make sure you also sign up for Ashley's FREE Yoga Business training by clicking here:
I'm currently taking the free training right now and have had quite a few "aha" moments! There's lots of great quality info in there.
On another note, yesterday I did a webinar that discussed the lunar phases and how it can impact our lives, including our yoga practice!
I received many emails from folks who weren't able to attend but really wanted to learn about the subject so I've decided to keep the replay open :)
That's it for now! If you live in Ottawa, come practice Yin Yoga with me this Sunday. Learn more about the event by clicking HERE.
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