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I had to take the week off of working, teaching and doing yoga this week due to an injury. Before I get into it and go over lessons learned, here’s this week’s free youtube yoga class! It’s a 30 minute intense yin yoga class I filmed while I was on vacation in Cuba. It focuses a lot on opening up the hips and hamstrings, hope you enjoy 🙂

Are there any poses that you really dislike or avoid? For me, it’s always been hamstring stretches. Since I was little even though I was in ballet and stretched regularly, my hamstrings were extremely tight. Thanks to yin yoga I’ve been able to significantly improve my hamstring flexibility but it’s still the absolutely tightest area in my body and I tend to avoid stretching them because it’s uncomfortable and also embarrassing (full honesty here).
If you read my newsletter you’ll know that I’m off working and teaching for the week due to an injury. This is an injury that has been recurring for over 2 years in my spine and I’ve put off going to see a doctor because I’m stubborn and plain stupid and am kicking myself for it now. Anyway, I got a major wake up call when I ended up in the ER on Canada Day and finally thought, enough is enough! So now I’m seeing a physiotherapist and we are working through the issues in my spine, but you know what he told me? That a lot of the issues in my spine all come from.. drum roll please… TIGHT HAMSTRINGS!
That’s right. Those damn muscles that I refuse to stretch as much as the rest of my body have caused imbalances in other areas and although they are not the only reason I’m injured, they’ve greatly contributed to it.
The lesson from this is STOP AVOIDING! Stop avoiding poses that you don’t feel like doing. Stop relying on areas of your body that are already strong and flexible while neglecting the tight and weaker areas. If you’re in pain SEE A DOCTOR! (this is a note to myself more than a note to you…) Stop procrastinating and putting everything else ahead of your own health. Your health is PRIORITY! Over everything. Always. Work can wait. Friends and family can wait. If you are not healthy and well you will not be able to be of service to anyone else.
This is the end of my rant/diary entry/lecture to myself haha  So my question to you is – are there any poses that you avoid? Any ways that you are neglecting yourself?

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