Toned Legs Yoga Class & Prepping For Winter


I just released a new yoga class on my youtube channel! It's a 20 minute lower body workout that will tone and sculpt your legs and glutes. A great little class to do for some booty definition ;)
CLICK HERE or the picture above to view it!

Seems like only yesterday I was filming this class in my backyard, feeling the warm sun on my skin and the grass underneath my toes. Now the leaves have fallen and the weather has gotten quite chilly, it's almost Winter!

I'm not a huge fan of Winter. I don't practice any winter sports and I don't exactly enjoy being in a constant state of cold, it feels like I can never truly get warmed up. However, this year I'm trying to be a bit more positive about it by focusing on all the wonderful and romantic things about Winter!

Candlelight, hot cocoa, perfect snowflakes, rosy cheeks, TV Christmas specials, snow days in your PJ's, the smell of pine..

Some of my "essentials" for surviving (and enjoying!) Winter include my heated blanket, my bath and body works candles and my space heater for my yoga room. One thing I can say about this season is that it's my favorite time of the year to be a Hot Yoga teacher! There's nothing like stepping into a hot and cozy room after driving in the slush and snow. I'd love to know what your Winter essentials are and how you prepare for the cold season ahead!

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend, lots of love

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