Yoga for Obliques & Chicago Trip!


This week's class is a short 20 minute flow to strengthen your core and stretch out your side body. It focuses a lot on the obliques by playing with different kinds of plank poses and some great floor core work! I filmed this class earlier this summer at a beautiful cottage in Mont Tremblant, QC.

Looking at this video makes me miss Summer a bit, but then I look at the beautiful leaves turning colors all around me and I remember how cozy Autumn is.

Here's a joke for you.

What did Autumn say to Fall?
Leaf me alone.

Ha. Made me chuckle...

Anyway I'm flying out to Chicago today for a weekend vacation! Tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I will be spending it mostly at a Youtube Event which I'm excited to be a part of! I hope I get to meet some wonderful creators and hopefully make a few youtube friends. I don't know anyone in my "real" day life that does youtube or anything online so it'd be nice to meet some new people.

I will try to VLOG while I'm there and share the experience with you guys. On Monday I'm getting an amazing surprise too.. but I'm not quite ready to share it just yet. You'll have to wait a few more days for it :)

If you don't subscribe to my channel already please do so, it means the world to me. My goal is to reach 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2015! Currently I have 7,774 subscribers so I think I can do it!

Thank you again for all of your support,

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