Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween everyone!

is one of my all time favorite Holidays as it is filled with mysticism
and potential. Although most of us simply call this day “Halloween”, in
the Celtic tradition today and tomorrow is Samhain, a time when the veil
between worlds is said to be at its thinnest. It is the celebration of
the final harvest before entering the coldest time of the year. This is a
time to honor our deceased loved ones and reap the rewards of our hard
labor. In Aztec traditions, the first two days of November celebrate the
Day of The Dead, which also pays homage to our ancestors and those who
have touched our lives and made it possible for us to be here.

are many different ways to celebrate this day and that don’t involve
trick or treating! Some of my favorites include taking a long walk in
nature, lighting candles and burning incense, going through old family
albums, journaling, preparing an autumnal feast, etc.
This is the
first year where I will be staying in on Halloween and not dressing up.
My plan for the evening includes cuddling with Kira and the cats,
lighting some Pumpkin Pie and Toasted Marshmallow scented candles,
watching Hocus Pocus (a classic!) and eating some delicious treats.
Halloween is just a Holiday you celebrate with your children or whether
it is a sacred time for introspection, I hope you have an amazing day
and an even better weekend!

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