Chicago Part 1 – Birthday & Youtube Event!

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I flew into Chicago yesterday afternoon and arrived to gorgeous weather! Sunny, warm and very welcoming. I’ve been really excited about this trip and curious to see what the people of Chicago would be like. I was on my own yesterday so I wondered whether or not I’d be able to mingle or if I’d spend most of that time by myself. Well, 20 minutes after landing, I went over to Azucar Tapas Restaurant & Cocktail Bar on North Kedzie and was very warmly welcomed by the owner and his friends who took me under their wing and showed me a great time! There was quite a bit of sangria involved and a whole lot of laughter. These people made my night and I won’t forget it. Those of you who are in Chicago or planning to visit, do yourselves a favor and head over to this delicious and amazing restaurant and see for yourself! I’m so happy that I was able to make friends and have a good time after arriving to a strange City by myself, such a great positive experience!
Today was my 25th birthday. I woke up a bit hungover and very much excited and ready for the day! The main reason I came to Chicago was to attend a Youtube conference for creators. Being on youtube is so much fun and builds a big sense of community, but it can be pretty lonely too. I’m the person in my social circle who has a youtube channel or an online business, so I don’t have anyone to really talk to about my struggles and successes. 


What I wanted the most from this conference was to meet like minded people who “got it” and understood what it was like to run a channel. About 100 people showed up and the event was really well planned and super informative. I met so many youtubers, it was great!

My boyfriend flew in later in the afternoon to spend the weekend with me here in Chicago. He took me out to the Hancock tower at the Signatures Restaurant. What a view!!! I love getting dressed up and being a bit “fancy” so this was right up my alley. Delicious view, beautiful atmosphere and great service. I had a lovely time.

We’re here for a few more days and have lots of activities planned! If you have any recommendations for me please let me know 🙂

Have a wonderful evening,

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