A New Addition To Our Family


I'd like you all to meet Kira, our foster dog.

Kira is an 8 year old lab and border collie mix who was found as a stray. We have taken her in for fostering which means that soon she will be available for adoption. I've been wanting to foster animals for a long time now, I can't stand the idea of perfectly healthy pets dying in a shelter because their owners abandoned them..

We got her Monday night and so far she has been adjusting quite well! She's a sweetheart who just wants to cuddle, be around people and go for walks. Her old owners didn't care enough to train her, so we're pretty much starting from scratch. House training is serious work!! This week has been hectic and I haven't had as much sleep as I'm used to, but it's so worth it.

She's a beautiful, happy, loving dog who just needed a second chance with owners who are willing to show her the ropes and give her some affection.

I'm trying not to think too much about her being adopted because I know it's going to break my heart. I already love her so much, but that's what happens when you foster. At the end of the day I'm happy we're doing such a great thing for this deserving girl and I just want to give her the best possible home while she's with us. It could be a month or it could be a year, we really don't know!

So for now please welcome her to the Yoga with Kassandra family :)

The cats are slowly starting to get used to her. She's very gentle with them and lets them run the show. I think in a week or so they will become friends and I really look forward to it. I'll keep you posted!

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