Yoga for Cyclists


Recently I asked my facebook followers to give me suggestions on classes they'd like to see. Someone asked for a post spinning class and I thought it would be a great opportunity to expand on my Yoga for Athletes series!

This new class is a Vinyasa Flow for cyclists and focuses a lot more on stretching than it does strengthening. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, cyclists usually end up with a lot of tightness in the quads and sometimes tension on the lower back.

This all levels practice will stretch out the quads in mutliple poses such as reclined hero (shown above), low lunge quad stretch, dancer's pose and tiger pose. We will also open up the hamstrings with half splits and get deep into the hips with lunges and a few different pigeon variations.

I'm not using any props for this class but you might want to have a strap somewhere close by. If you don't have a strap a theraband or a belt can also do the trick!

Thank you for watching and continuously supporting me, I really do appreciate it. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CLASS.

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