Relieve Low Back Pain with Yoga


Yoga can be a great tool for those of us who chronically suffer from lower back pain. Whether they are brought on by injury or overuse, they can really put a damper in our practice and our daily routines. Here are some restorative postures to help you alleviate some of that pain at home. Remember to always consult your physician first!

1. Child's Pose - Balasana

Bring the big toes together to touch and don't let the knees be any wider than hip width distance apart. Having the knees too wide apart can give you a great stretch through the inner groin but it can also cause pinching in the lower back. Rest your chest over your thighs and let your arms rest by your sides, shoulders supported by your knees. Let your forehead rest on the ground or prop yourself up on a block or bolster. Take deep breaths into the abdomen and into the lower back.

2. Reclined Knee to Chest - Apanasana

Keep one knee bent with the sole of the foot down onto the mat and pull the other knee into the chest. Maybe sway that knee from side to side to massage the lower back while making sure that head and shoulders stay down on the mat. Take a few breaths and switch sides.

3. Lying Spinal Twist - Jathara Parivartanasana

Shift your hips a few inches to the left before dropping both knees over towards the right. Keep your left shoulderblade grounded into the earth. Place a block under your knee if it is floating off of the ground and causing discomfort. Twists are the gold mine of lower back pain relief! Stay here and send your breath directly into the area that feels tense and sore. Keep collarbones shining towards the sky and relax from the lower belly and down. Switch sides when ready.

4. Supported Corpse Pose - Savasana

Come into Savasana in a more supportive way by placing blocks or a bolster underneath the knees. Straight legs can cause a lot of pressure on the lower back espeially if the area is already aggravated. For even more support, keep both feet flat on the earth, knees bent and leaning in towards each other.

Remember to not push yourself or do anything that does not feel comfortable. Take the time to heal, listen to your body and give yourself the gift of rest.

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