How to set new intentions every month..

Consciously setting intentions and goals is something I am deeply passionate about.
I especially love to do it around the time of the New Moon, which is happening this Friday.
The new moon is a time of introspection, dreaming and manifesting. Symbolically, it represents the seed that is planted deep into the darkness of the fertile earth, ready to bloom and blossom with potential.
Just like this seed, we need to take the time to go deep into the darkness of our souls and decide what we want our lives to bloom and blossom into! This is where the power of intention comes in.
On Friday, our Lunar Yoga members will begin a brand new theme of FREEDOM as well as a new book for the book club: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.
This theme is all about shifting your perspective and re-defining what freedom means to you. What areas of your life make you feel stuck or stagnant? What would your life look like if you had more freedom in your relationships, career, home life and health?
I feel that setting intentions is strongest when it is done as a collective! When women gather together, magic happens. When we support each other and share our dreams, we cannot help but magnetize our hearts desires!
For those of you craving...
  • community and connection
  • support in setting new intentions
  • yoga that goes BEYOND just the physical benefits of a practice
  • monthly rituals and sacred space
  • spiritually nourishing conversations
  • gratitude practices
  • deeper connection to your femininity
I would love for you to join our beautiful online community of yoginis in Lunar Yoga..
This is for women who want to make their yoga practice more meaningful through personal growth, deep inner work and community.
  • Each month focuses on a new theme that we infuse into our practice
  • We set our intentions in relation to that theme on the New Moon with a Yin Yoga practice, a journaling exercise and a meditation
  • We celebrate and practice gratitude on the Full Moon with a Slow Flow yoga practice, a journaling exercise and a meditation
  • Our monthly live group calls, guest speaker interviews, book club and private Facebook community help keep you accountable and supported along your journey
Everything is pre-recorded and archived so you have access to the content forever. Download it to any device and use it without an internet connection.
Upon joining you will get access to ALL CONTENT since January 2017! That's dozens of practices you can access immediately.
If you feel the call to join, honor it.
Truly one of the best things I've ever created and something I look forward to each month. CLICK HERE to try Lunar Yoga and see for yourself..
Hope to see you there...

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