Yoga for Headaches & Migraines - 15 min Yoga Class


Good morning yogis, I've just released a new yoga class on my channel which is all about helping you get relief from headaches and migraines! By far I've found the most beneficial yoga practice to do when I have a headache is alternate nostril breathing (pictures 1 and 2 above).

I think everyone gets a headache every now and again, sometimes brought on by stress or improper posture. These simple poses will help you open up the neck, jaw, shoulders and upper back to get rid of muscular tension that can cause headaches. The breathing exercise is also extremely beneficial to soothe migraines and headaches.

We also do some forward folds and gentle hip openers to soothe the nervous system and unwind since stress and anxiety can bring on headaches.

You don't need any props for this practice and it is suitable for all levels. It only takes 15 minutes to do and hopefully you will feel some relief by the end of it :)

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    NanCee MaynardJanuary 14, 2017 at 8:44 AM
    My go to headache blend is Lavender and Copiabia (& a carrier oil) and it works miracles. Sometimes I miss the trigger until I see the halo or flashes at the edge of my vision. I apply temples, back of neck/head & center of forehead from hairline to above the eyebrows and they fade. Before essential oils, I found licking potato chips (yup I needed electrolytes) and an ice cold Coke. Now after my headache is gone I may follow up with a glass of gatorade 2 or powerade zero. I tried the ele CBD & Arthritis